Literacy Building

Goal: Building children's literacy skills and promoting the value of literacy to caregivers and to the community.

Methods : Reading clinics and book distribution to at-risk children.
DangerMan is committed to helping children improve their basic reading skills, which are necessary to achieve full literacy. Without communication proficiency, a child's future in an ever-changing society and workplace is severely limited.

Safety Initiative a) Seat Belt Safety and b) Personal Safety

Goal : To reinforce the seat belt safety law enacted for children 0 to 12 years old.

Method: Safety education workshops for parents, and caregivers on the correct use of car seats, and seat belts for children zero to 12 years old.
Through role-play and safety literature provided by CHP, DangerMan reinforces “Buckle Up”, the universal seat belt appeal.
Goal: To foster in children good Personal Safety habits.

Method : Workshops include tips and literature on personal safety: how to be street smart (don't talk to strangers, use the buddy system, etc.), how/when to call 911, what to do if abducted, fire safety, seat belt, bike and helmet safety and more.
Dangerman says, “The safety of every child is every adult's responsibility.”

Health Initiative, To Stop Childhood Obesity,

Goal: To empower children to live the best lives they can through education and a healthy lifestyle.

Method: Teaching children low-impact exercises they can perform on a daily basis, and how to make healthy eating choices

“No” to Guns, Gangs, Drugs and Alcohol Initiative

Goal: Awareness and intervention/prevention of violence and substance abuse.

Methods: Mentoring workshops for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade, with a focus on awareness, developing the coping skills to support "just say no," and intervention/prevention mentoring to help young people reject all risky behavior.
DangerMan believes that informed youth make better choices regarding their futures. He is convinced that alternatives to risky behavior, such as after-school programs, sports, and mentoring can be beneficial in fighting the war on crime and substance abuse.

Urban Superhero Honored By City's
Housing Authority

Urban Superhero DangerMan was recently honored by the Board of Governors of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. DangerMan, has been hailed as a hero for his commitment to child literacy, education, safety, and the reduction of violence against children. The Urban Superhero has donated over 14,000 new books to the children of public housing in the City of Los Angeles. At the HACLA Board of commissionersí monthly meeting DangerMan was presented with a plaque by Commission Chairperson Ozie B. Gonzaque, Executive Director Don Smith, Commissioners Michael Noqueira, Jane McGlory, Maria DelAngel, Lovie Jackson, and Fund Development Associate James Buckley. DangerMan, the Urban Superhero promotes literacy and safety, and educates children on the dangers of not being able to read. The DangerMan Education Foundation is committed to helping children achieve the basic reading skills they need to achieve full literacy. For more information call (818)752-3952 or e-mail